Settlement Layer

A seamless solution for off-planet transactions to power the $500B+ NewSpace economy

Space Has a Money Problem

The rapidly growing, high tech space ecosystem currently relies on slow, Earth-based legacy financial systems

Off-planet transactions can take days to process, involve dozens of humans in the loop, and have significant margin for error

Space-based communications are surprisingly insecure, allowing the possibility of interception, hacking, and theft

Transactions are limited by communications protocols that can, especially the further a spacecraft travels from Earth

Solution: Off-Planet Blockchain 

 Smart contracts allow instantaneous confirmation of  services or product transfers

Payment at the time of delivery increases speed and frequency of in-space commerce

In-space network of servers allows for fast payments and continuous access, regardless of distance from Earth

Multiple points of confirmation and sophisticated encryption ensure security 

Built on an Existing, Trusted Blockchain Network

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How Blockchain Works

Below you will find a constantly growing list of curated educational resources provided to help educate the space industry on the use cases for blockchain technology.

Our path in the blockchain space has been paved with education.

How a transaction works

A blockchain transaction starts when 2 parties decide they want to exchange value or money.

It can be originated by the sender or receiver.

Once both parties agree that they want to exchange the value, a 3rd party (computer) comes in to verify the availability of funds and the agreement to send those funds. This 3rd party provides the verification of these details into a public ledger.

Other parties (computers) not connected to the original sender, receiver, or 3rd party validator, then verify this information. If a group consensus is reached, the transaction is posted to the blockchain ledger and can never be reversed.

Benefits to using Crypto

Fast and off planet

Reducing the time it takes to send  payments will lead to off world financial holdings, reinventing how value is stored.



Chargebacks play a major role in high risk financial transactions.

The blockchain solves this problem with irreversible payments.

Once a transaction posts to a public ledger and confirmed, it is final and cannot be reversed.


Advanced encryption means that funds are secured.

Users having their own private keys means that they have ultimate control over their funds.

Advanced cryptography ensures safety of funds.


Crypto Wallet

Users and vendors store their funds in a private key wallet.

This ensures protection from centralized institutions.

Users can choose from over 45,000 different cryptocurrencies, providing easy transfers to Earth-based markets

Staking Solutions

Staking coins is a centerpiece of leased proof of stake blockchains.

Users pick their nodes of choice and lend their crypto to the node. The nodes then pay out a percentage of the profit.

The funds are safe in the users wallet and profits are paid out based on the node settings.

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